1. Contractor Selection


    • Assist the Client in determining the preferred tender process
    • Prepare tender documents and issue to all tenderers
    • Communicate with tenderers and respond to questions
    • Receive the tenders and open them
    • Together with the Cost Consultant, if any, assess the tenders
    • Negotiate with the preferred tenderer if required to obtain an offer acceptable to the client
    • Prepare reports on tenders and recommendation for Client acceptance


    • Assist Client in determining the preferred negotiation process
    • Issue relevant documents to prospective building contractor to describe the scope of works
    • Arrange and coordinate negotiations and inquiries with the prospective building contractor
    • Together with the Cost Consultant, if any, assess all submissions from the prospective building contractor required to establish the contract price and final project scope
    • Prepare reports and recommendations for Client acceptance

2. Contract Administration

(if using an architect-administered building contract)


    • Prepare one draft of the contract documents in the form previously approved by the Client in the 'Contractor Selection' phase
    • Arrange for signing and execution of the building contract documents by the selected building contractor and the Client


    • Administer the building contract under its terms
    • Issue copies of construction documentation to the building contractor and issue amended documents as needed
    • Provide general updates to the Client on the project, including time, cost and progress
    • Visit the Site periodically to observe the general conformance of the construction works with the building contract documents and instruct the building contractor regarding design quality control, materials selections and performance in regard to the building contract documents
    • Arrange and attend regular site meetings, and keep records
    • Review shop drawings and submissions by the building contractor
    • Provide the contractor with any supplementary details, directions and clarifications of the contract documents
    • Coordinate the construction services provided by other services Specialist Consultants
    • Assess and determine variations and obtain Client approvals in writing when required by the contract
    • Assess and determine the building contractor's progress claims and issue progress certificates
    • Assess extension of time claims as required by the contract
    • Adjust prime cost sums, provisional sums and other monetary sums as required by the contract
    • Instruct the contractor in regard to incomplete work and rectification of any defects
    • Assess and determine practical completion and issue the notice of practical completion


    • During the defects liability period, instruct the contractor to rectify defects and any incomplete works as required by the contract
    • If necessary, advise the client and coordinate the procedure for the rectification of any defective work by others
    • Assess and determine final completion and issue final completion certificate


    • Assist with client-administered contract execution as requested by the client
    • Provide assistance as required
(note: the architect will only be obliged to advise on specific issues as requested by the client)