1. Development Application (DA)

    • Confirm relevant statutory authority requirements
    • Prior to releasing documents for a formal application, attend pre-application meetings with the relevant authorities and keep appropriate records
    • Prepare formal development application/planning permit documentation, including plans and drawings, diagrams, analysis, reports, statement of environmental effects, studies and other supporting documentation
    • Coordinate required Specialist Consultants on behalf of the Client
    • Assist the Client with lodging formal application
    • Assist the Client as necessary during the assessment period, which may include negotiations with relevant statutory authorities or request for information
    • Coordinate preparation of an update forecast of the Cost of works

2. Construction Certificate (CC) / Complying Development Certificate (CDC)

    • Arrange and attend meetings with the client, and keep appropriate and accurate records
    • Coordinate and incorporate the work of other Specialist Consultants
    • Prepare documentation, including plans, elevations, sections, together with other details and schedules to be submitted for statutory approval to construct the project
    • Prepare specifications in accordance with the drawings and the Client's requirements describing the quality of materials, finishes and quality of work necessary to be submitted for statutory approval
    • Submit required documents for statutory approval
    • Prepare further drawings, specifications and schedules to enable the construction of the project
    • Coordinate the preparation of a pre-tender forecast of Cost of Works
    • Provide recommendations to the Client on the methods available for selection of building contractors and assist the client to select an appropriate method